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All Natural from Our Loving Kitchens

 Made with USDA certified chicken breast, and organic  fruits & vegetables.  Chicken breasts are sliced thin, basted with organic fruits & vegetables known for being nutritious to dogs, and are dehydrated in our loving Southern California kitchen.  Dogs love our natural training treats!  No Chemicals added, All Organic, No Preservatives, No Artificial Coloring, No Additives.  No BHA.  No BHT.  All Natural.    Check weekly  for new flavors! 

Although these treats are made for canines, they are fit for human consumption too.  USDA approved, these treats are the healthiest thing we can offer our own dogs for training purposes, and the dogs love them!


Dog Tested, Dog Approved

Just ask Mary and Peanut, Mary will often not eat other brands of canine training treats.  They are often made with filler, or substandard meat byproducts.  Sometimes they don't resemble the look or smell of meat at all!  Mary prefers chicken training treats, as she refuses most beef and all liver treats; thats why we offer our USDA approved chicken training treats in 7 different flavors.  We offer chicken and banana/blueberry, broccoli, blueberry, mango, pumpkin, sweet potato, and strawberry.  Apple is also found in most of our recipes.  All ingrdients are organic, and we take great pride in the quality of what we provide to your loved ones.


Saving Two Lives at Once

We use the same training treats when training Semper Fi Service Dogs with our veterans.  100% of all profits goes to Heal Our Troops America, for the benefit of PTSD Service Dogs for our Southern California Veterans.