Do I qualify for Thr semper fi service dog training program?


Qualifying Criteria

To help us identify veteran candidates who fit the mission of this program, an interview and background check may be performed on every applicant. 

 1) To be eligible for enrollment, each applicant must provide a DD214 Long Form stating HONORABLE under Character of Service.

 2) Anyone convicted of a felony, domestic violence, a sexual offense of any kind,  or any type of animal mistreatment, abuse, neglect or cruelty cannot qualify for this program. 

3)  Applicant must provide a recommendation from a physician, counselor or VA (Veterans Administration) professional stating:

  • the diagnosis of service-related disability, either a mental disability or a mobility related disability.
  • that you are medically, mentally, and physically able to handle the responsibilities of owning and training a dog.

4) Veterans must commit to: 

  • Attending a  two hour class weekly. 
  • Attend class in Mission Bay, San Diego.  
  • Attend class every week for 26 weeks long.
  • For PTSD Specialty areas an additional 12 weeks of training is required.